Watch Sunset and Sunrise

Watch Sunset and Sunrise

During day Wadi Rum is a vast, silent place with a dramatic landscape of breathtaking, indescribable beauty. During night it is a place of infinite tranquility under the dark velvet sky filled with millions of stars with the shining moon illuminates the mountains. And then there are two magical moments between these periods – the sunrise and the sunset.

Once you are in Wadi Rum It is a must to setup your alarm to witness the amazing sunrise. when the first light starts to strike the silence of the night and the sky starts to change from black to purple, then orange and finally a hazy blue which will intensify as the sun rises above the horizon. The mountains lose their nighty grey and black colours and they slowly turn to soft yellows and reds. The serenity and magic of dawn is an exceptional thing to experience.

And once it is sunset ,Find yourself a rock to sit on; Let all the experiences of the day pass by, Be silent and let the beauty of life overwhelm you. And enjoy watching the sun putting the red mountains on fire and turns the yellow mountains into giant lumps of gold. See the shadows lengthen far across rock formations and windblown dunes. Finally, the star-filled abyss of black is all that is left for the night.

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