Baptism Site

Situated on the Jordan River’s eastern bank, in the Biblical Wilderness, is the spot where Jesus was baptized by Saint John the Baptist. The Baptism Site is the main historical draw with the Dead Sea just 8 km away in the north. The magnificent combination of archeology, the momentous associations of the site, and the breathtaking natural environment makes the Baptism Site one of the Jordan’s most-visited religious destinations.

The Baptism Site is the place where the sky was struck apart and the heavens opened for the Holy Spirit to descend, manifesting the form of a pure white Dove. In Christianity, this event is said to mark the beginning of the Holy Trinity. Since one of the major Christianity events took place here, it is considered as the third holiest site in the world, after the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, gathering Christians from around the globe.

If you are visiting the Baptism Site, you will be able to witness stunning Byzantine and Roman remains, such as chapels and churches, pools previously used for celebrating baptism, caves that were used by hermits, and an ancient monastery

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