Aqaba Marine Park

Aqaba Marine Park

Complete your tour of Aqaba and indulge in the warm and clear waters by paying a visit to Aqaba Marine Park. It is located south of Aqaba. Its aim is to preserve the marine biosphere and it habitants for future generations. The park aim to encourage people to commit, to support the rules and regulations implemented to protect aquatic environments, habitants, and natural wonders. The park operates 19 diving sites within the coastline, with fully equipped facilities where visitors can explore different aquatic marvels.

The coral reef is a crucial habitat for various fish and aquatic organisms. Jordanian waters are home to more than 450 species of fish, and more than 127 types of coral formation. Within the shallow waters of 0.5m to 40m, there are different types of sea grass, which are a vital environment for fish. Aqaba Marine Park is managed by ASEZA; it is located south of Aqaba 15 km towards the city center, expanding 7km in length. The beach entrance is free of charge one can enjoy the camping facilities, and then head on to do some snorkeling, swimming, diving, and glass boat trips, as the park overlooks the beautiful coral undersea world. Visitors are asked to respect the Aqaba Marine Park`s rules and regulation to preserve aquatic life, and general safety.

Opening times for AMP Visitor Center:

Summer Time:                      08:00 – 14:00

Winter Time:                          08:00 – 13:00

While the beach is open for public around the year.

For more information:

Tel: +962 3 203 5801



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