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Ayla Oasis provides a commercial market as a new entertainment tourism product

Ayla Oasis opens Al Marsa Village, through its continuous innovation to create different and unique products in its large real estate investment project.

 Al-Marsa village offers 20 thousand square meters of a wide variety of atmospheres, restaurants, shops and cafes intermingling with various corners, sidewalks, green spaces and corridors. The Village was established for Aqaba's locals and visitors, allowing them to spend quality family leisure time on weekdays and weekends.

Shops are distributed in the village and in front of the marina, in addition to having ample space for fun and entertainment for all ages.
Ayla built a variety of support services, shops, restaurants and cafes within Al Marsa village, which are provided by modern Jordanian business groups that keep pace with the spirit of modernity and creativity that characterizes the village.

The new market, offers local retail shopping services through a chain of brands of restaurants and shops, that provide comfort and recreation. Restaurants that cater to the needs of different tastes and ages; the most famous of which are Rawhi Pharmacy, Sandwich Boutique, Mingel Cafe, Melange Coffee House, Heroes Burger, Pineapple, Royal Marine, Mart, Hands, Kigs House, Bedouin House and Hekayat Thobe.

Moreover, the village contains a sports and entertainment facility that attracts all ages; a mini golf and obstical courses under the name "Rise Adventure", which considered the first of its kind in Aqaba.

The CEO of Ayla Oasis Development Company, Eng. Sahl Dudin, confirms that Al Marsa Village supports the entertainment and shopping system, commercial services activities, commercial services and related services, in addition to complementary services and other facilities such as the Hyatt Regency Resort,  Ayla Golf course and Club, Ayla Marina, Beach Club B12 and others, which play a vital role in enriching the tourism and liesure products in Aqaba and attract international tourism.