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Aqaba embraces the first water park of its kind and the largest in the Kingdom within the Saraya Aqaba

Eagle Hills "Jordan", the real estate developer of the Saraya Aqaba project, is working on implementing a water park that is the first of its kind in Aqaba and the largest in the Kingdom that will be located within Saraya Aqaba. The park has been designed by one of the world's largest companies "Amusement Logic" to double the fun and entertainment to the highest degree in an effort to provide new options for the city's residents and visitors throughout the year.


Eagle Hills Jordan announced that this project will contribute to revitalizing domestic and family tourism of various age groups, especially as it will be the largest water park and the most attractive to tourists, as it contains water games of various types and shapes, modern facilities and equipment with international specifications.


The water park is located on an area of ​​36 acres, which makes it capable of receiving about 1,865 visitors daily. The city contains major sections and areas suitable for all family members, young and old, the first is for children because it contains a huge number of fun and safe water games, while the second section is dedicated to the family and contains an infinite number of water adventures that provide a unique family experience, which makes the park an ideal entertainment destination for city residents and visitors.


The park includes an artificial river that runs through it, in order to complete the unique outdoor experience and give visitors the opportunity to lie in and drift slowly with the flowing water, to double the feeling of comfort and to help visitors relax and enjoy the picturesque views.

Eagle Hills “Jordan” also provided the new water park with 19 slides of different sizes and shapes, increasing the splendor of the scene and raising the level of fun and adventure, some of which reach a height of 12 meters, to live a huge experience surrounded by water all the way to the huge water pool to add more excitement and fun.

For the first time in Jordan, Eagle Hills offers a water park equipped with a special section for surfing and water skiing, simulating those in the ocean to attract amateurs from all over the world. The surfing experience adds to the magnificence of the place and distinguishes this park, which is the ideal destination for those looking for fun, adventure and spending the most beautiful times with family and friends.

There will also be a pool equipped with a special design, width of 16 meters, and an area of ​​776 square meters within the family area of ​​the water park for an exceptional relaxation experience, and to enjoy a wave of fun similar to those in the ocean, which tends to wash the swimmers to the beach.

With a wide variety of integrated facilities; The water park provides areas dedicated to restaurants that offer multiple options of food and from different brands, so that the choice is always open for visitors to spend the perfect time in recreation, fun, and even to try delicious cuisines.

The water city offers a unique adventure and a new outlet suitable for all ages to spend the most beautiful times and is a new example of Eagle Hills “Jordan” commitment to accomplishing mega projects that impose itself strongly, change the general concept of real estate and facilities, and present every time a new “masterpiece” that spreads its magic in all over the place.