Diving in the Red Sea Paradise

 Diving in the Red Sea Paradise

Are you planning on spending your next holiday diving in the Red Sea?

If diving is what you're after, then Aqaba is one of a kind. Imagine you being in a coastal location and diving in warm waters, surrounded by brightly colored coral and fish. There are some renowned dive sites such as the shipwreck and the sunken tank and the Japanese gardens. You and your family or friends can put on your diving gear to enter the water and explore the abundance of marine life, all the while hovering weightlessly underwater.

The absence of stormy weather, along with the mild water currents contribute to clear waters, one of Aqaba's exceptional perks. Warm waters provide a hospitable environment for the growth of corals, and favorable salinity levels provide an environment for myriad varieties of marine-life forms.

Whatever your calling bringing you to Jordan, we are confident that diving in the Red Sea will be one of your most memorable experiences. And if you own a diving camera, you will have the bonus of some amazing photographs to show your friends back home.



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