See Birds on their Annual Migration

See Birds on their Annual Migration

Discover some more of what Aqaba offers in terms of natural wonders. Aqaba is not only a desirable destination for tourists, it is also the resting site for many migratory birds heading north up the Gulf of Aqaba each spring. Any tree, bush, dripping irrigation pipe, or pool of water is a welcome sight for a tired migrating bird arriving from an exhausting flight over the sea or across the desert. Aqaba boasts a bird observatory where you get up close with some of the 390 species of birds which reside in Jordan, or used as an annual migratory stop. Because of its location, the observatory receives flocks of birds coming from Europe, Asia and Africa every migration season. The flocks fly towards the observatory, which houses an exceptional diversity of habitats critical for to attracting birds; shallow and deep waters, herbal plants, trees and green surfaces. These habitats integrate with each other to form a vibrant bird hub, especially for the waders. The observatory is like a restaurant for birds. Develop your passion for bird-watching by paying a visit to this astounding bird observatory!

The city of Aqaba is overflowing with wildlife and potential adventures. It hosts about 110 species of soft corals, 120 species of hard corals and over 1000 species of fish that have made a home in the warm and clear waters of Aqaba. You can observe an army of dazzling colored fish from inside and outside the sea and that way swimming is no longer a prerequisite.

Aqaba Bird Observatory

Opening times:

Saturday –Thursday                        08:00 – 15:00

Visitors must leave by 16.00

Groups of five or more can stay longer – but only by prior arrangement with the observatory management.

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