Go for a Guided Hike

Go for a Guided Hike

While hiking in Wadi Rum you will discover moonlike landscape looks unearthly; ancient valleys with petroglyphs and inscriptions telling you stories about times long passed; vast sandy plains dotted with desert plants; gorges providing heavenly shadow on a hot summer day; High sand dunes and mountains offering impressive desert views.

Adami Trail (Jabal Um Dami )

Jordan’s tallest mountain, located inside Wadi Rum and near the border with Saudi Arabia, Jabal Um AD Dami provides summit views at an elevation of approximately 1,850 meters. Surprisingly, the ascent is not particularly difficult, taking about two hours and involving very little scrambling. Naturally, given the incline involved, it does require being in decent shape. The view from the top shows largely isolation and empty landscape, but you can even see the Gulf of Aqaba from 45 Kilometers away! The geology in this area is particularly striking, and the drive alone is worth the trip.

Ain Ash-shallaleh -(Lawrence of Arabia spring)

This pleasant sort hike from the parking lot in Wadi Rum village will take you to the actual spring that TE Lawrence visited (not the same thing as the “Lawrence Spring” south of Wadi Rum village). There are shallow, paved steps carved into the hillside along the path to the spring to help you reach your destination, and there is even a picnic area near the top of the path. This trail will also take you by the Nabatean temple, which you can stop to explore. Once you reach the actual spring, follow the trail onwards along the water toward a wonderful view.

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