Spend a Day with a Bedouin

Spend a Day with a Bedouin

“Ahlan wa Sahlan” (meaning, welcome) sounds familiar to every foreigner who visits Jordan. Spending a day with a Bedouin is an experience you will never forget. Watch, learn and live there lifestyle which is their key of survival in the harsh desert.

Wadi Rum desert is your distention to escape the modern, civilised world. where artificial world seems unbelievable far away. Bedouin live their lives in the natural rhythm and cycles of nature. Being in the desert is a back in time experience.

The Bedouin have inhabited Wadi Rum for thousands of years, their lifestyle perfectly adapted to the semi-arid environment. They bred camels, goats and sheep on the sand floor and the mountain slopes and lived in tents or in caves. They would move their livestock seasonally in search of grazing areas, maintaining on ancestral knowledge of the desert mountain environment, of water management and of the use wild plants and animals as food and medicine.

Bedouin life has always been about surviving in the desert. The desert is a harsh and inhospitable place. To survive we needed to stick to certain core rules and values. While being in Wadi Rum you will experience Bedouin life yourself. You will learn about Bedouins way of life and culture.

Bake Arboud or Shark Bread with the locals, rub your palms with Ajram-the Bedouin soap, wear Kahl to protect your eyes against sand and sun or try the Henna, taste the spicy tingle of a Bedouin’s coffee and spend a night in an authentic goat-hair Bedouin tent. This is an experience you don’t what to miss !

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